what to look for?

Some of the most tender moments you’ll share with your baby will be in the nursery, so you’ll want to make it a very special place. Let Us help you create the dream nursery for all those precious memories you and baby are about to make. Be sure to select pieces that offer utility, comfort and convenience. The more functional the baby’s room, the better off you’ll be.

start with the crib

After all, it’s your baby’s new nest. So get one in the style and finish you love. For value and versatility, you may want to check out the Convertible cribs. Most convert gracefully into toddler, day and full-size beds, making the purchase a one-time investment.

choose a mattress

Firmness and durability should be key factors when making your selection. If you decide to opt for a foam mattress, look for high-density. If choosing coil, consider a high coil count and wire strength. Go ahead and give the mattress a squeeze to test for firmness.

select matching furniture

But before you do that, check on just how much free space you have. Then pick your favorite pieces. Some of the top choices include dressers, changing tables, combo units and armoires.

throw in a glider & ottoman for good measure

And literally put your feet up and relax…even before baby arrives! This hardworking duo will be appreciated time and again, especially in the middle of the night when Mr. Sleepy Pants is still a little groggy (and
no, we don’t mean baby).

Once you’ve picked out your “big ticket” items, you’ll have time to discover other neat little essentials to help you build baby’s nursery. Here are just a few ideas…