When it comes to baby’s health, you’ll want to plan ahead

When it comes to baby’s health, you’ll want to plan ahead. If baby wakes up in the middle of the night with a fever, you’ll want your medicine cabinet to already be stocked with everything you need. Planning is also key when it comes to safety. Babies grow fast so plan in advance for each and every adorable stage. For the early months, you’ll want a way to keep a constant eye on your infant, even as she sleeps. And as she gets on the move, you’ll want to stay a few steps ahead of your little explorer. A great way to prepare is by getting down on your hands and knees and seeing what baby will see…think sharp corners, dangling cords, stairs! Fortunately, with the help of a few ingenious safety aids (make sure you register for them) and your supervision, you can keep baby out of harm’s way with ease.

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When’s the best time to start thinking safety? Before you even have the baby. You’ve got more time on your hands, and you’re much more likely to tackle the baby-proofing job with extra vigilance. Plus, you’ll be able to practice and get comfortable with some of the new safety devices you’ll install.

Once you get into the habit, it’ll be almost automatic to think about all the places in your home that might be hazardous for your baby, starting with the crib. Besides making sure your crib adheres to all safety standards, don’t put stuffed pillows, plush toys or loose bedding inside (they can cause suffocation). And once your baby is 5 months-old – or starts to push herself up on her hands and knees – take out the mobiles, crib toys or other objects that she might get a hold of, or tangled in.

By the time your baby is mobile – usually 6 to 8 months – you should have all your safety measures in place because there’s no stopping your little adventurer. Now’s the time to decide what’s off-limits. The two most dangerous rooms in the house are the bathroom and kitchen. Most safety-proofing is a simple matter using a combination of common sense, planning and some creativity.

things to do before you’re due

Getting ready for baby? Now’s a great time to poll friends and family for the best pediatricians in town. You may also want to consider enrolling in our own New Parenting courses and Isis Parenting Classes; as well as, attending store events, and checking out product demos. Take time now to prepare for the days ahead.

‘Safety first” is the best approach to adopt when it comes to making your home a secure haven for your baby. The best way to assess what 
could be dangerous for your child is to see your home from a child’s point of view, quite literally!