The first thing you must be aware of is the different type of gate. There are mainly two types of safety gates. The hardware or pressure mounted gate; each has their advantage and disadvantages.

1. Hardware mounted

The hardware mounted gate is the most secure. It requires to be fixed to the wall with the proper screws and hinges. Those kids of safety gate are more suitable for a high-traffic area and will last longer. The hardware mounted gate can hold the entire toddler weight pushing again without failing. They are most likely to leave holes in your wall when you take them own, but it’s worth it.

2. Pressure mounted

The pressure mounted gate is the easiest to install. This type of gate will hold in place by pushing on both sides of the wall. They don’t require to drill in your dry-wall or the railing. These types of gates will not damage the wall if you use them correctly and for a short period.

Pressure mounted gates are cheaper than the hardware mounted, but they tend to get loose or damage the wall over time.

Most of all, they are not suitable for stairs, because they can trip down if your kid gives a good push or bulldoze his way through.